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How About Your Own Backyard?

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Welcome to backyard I Do where we specialize in helping you create the backyard wedding of your dreams! Learn how to piece together a magazine worthy wedding in the comfort of your own home with our signature resources, tips & tricks, planning hacks and decor must-knows. Long over are the days where backyard weddings were looked at as an inferior option or with limited options. Today, backyard weddings are creative and intimate ways to create the wedding of your dreams, in one of the places you love most. Let's work together to cultivate your backyard I do!

Where To?

Organize It All

FREE Backyard Wedding Notion Board

Download this free Notion Board template to organise the planning process, store important information, budget and never lose a to do!

Backyard Checklist

everything to get your home ready

Free backyard wedding inspection checklist to ensure both your home and your backyard is ready for the big day! Use this months, weeks and days out!

Top 10 Secrets

For every backyard bride

Download your free guide of the top 10 secrets to upscale your backyard wedding! Ten things to make your backyard wedding a seamless event on the day of!